Big Tee Racing - Our Race Team

Big Tee Racing has a Works Offshore Racing Team, with all the complexities that this involves. With members of the team bringing a fusion  of talent and abilities, the mix makes up for a championship winning combination.

Tony Gilder  ["Big Tee"]

Tony needs no introduction, and his record in model powerboating speaks for itself. Tony is Team Manager and leads technical development on powerplants and on hull design and manufacture. 3X OMRA D Class Champion and 2011 PD Champion, Tony races mostly in E Class whilst still developing new products and technologies for the Offshore Model Racing scene together with the rest of the team.



Phil Snewin  ["Snewdog/Victor"]

A former Les May Shield winner, Phil finished his rookie OMRA season in 2008 in a creditable eighth place out of a field of 45 entries in the class.  Phil is BTR webmaster and marketing guru and is heavily involved in product development with Big Tee.



Cam Snewin ["Chimp"]

Chimp started his race career in the 2009 season as an absolute rookie, so driving for a top class race team like Big Tee Racing comes as a real vote of confidence for this young petrolhead. 

Richard Weatherley  ["Tricky"]

Richard has a long history of some renown in Kart racing and joined the BTR Works Team in 2014. His approach to racing is scientific and structured and his Pacer 60/2 is a veritable goldmine of technology.


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