The Pacer K75 is BTRs offering of a large-scale competitive offshore catamaran suitable for campaigning in offshore or circuit series.

A completely original design which features some of the best elements of the other hulls we produce. These include such benefits as a large hatch for ease of access and an aerating hull form for higher speeds.  The underside has also seen extensive development in that the hull design is a full offshore profile which does not feature a flat ride pad. This means that in rough water, directional stability is increased and grip is not compromised in the turns.

The tunnel also features an integral vee which means that engines can be mounted low down on the tunnel itself without compromising the COG.



  •  LOA 75" [Excluding stern gear]
  • Recommended engine size:
    Glow: Single up to 15cc recommended
    Petrol: Single or twin Zenoah type 2-Stroke
    tunnel or sponson mounted
    Brushless Fast Electric
  • Perfect for Offshore Racing, Circuit Racing, and fast electric racing.
  • Offshore hull form - no ride pad - for better stability in rough water.
  • Large hatch opening for access to engine and components
  • Various construction and pricing options are available.

For construction and pricing options CLICK HERE
All our hulls are made especially to order to each customer's specific requirements which means that you get the boat you want, the way you want it.  As a consequence, this bespoke approach means that we operate a forward order book.  Delivery is never from stock and lead times vary. To order your hull, please be sure to CONTACT US with your individual requirements for full details concerning estimated delivery times.


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