Big Tee Racing - History

Back in the mid 1980's Tony started to mess around with what was available, which at that time was very little -  basically glow engines only.

His first boat was from Prestwich Model Boats and was a tunnel hull with an OS77 marine engine. Ironically this set the scene for what was to come later with Tony's approach to racing as the hull was only rated to 10cc so the OS77 was little over the top!

Tony and his pals found it difficult to use their boats however, as they were constantly being thrown off the various waters they used at this time. Additionally, there was very little in the way of clubs to support the sport.  As a consequence, Tony became a little frustrated and disillusioned and dropped out of racing boats. In 1990 and as a substitute he started to muck about with full size fast Escorts with big engines!

During the early part of the new millennium, Tony got a call from an old friend who said that things had changed in model powerboating and that he was going model boat racing with spark ignition boats! Tony decided to give things another go and since then he has never looked back.  

Tony's first results were at the Chichester club and in 2003, as a result of trying various combinations of hull and engine setups, he won the Offshore Class at Club level. Since then his activities have followed a structured development path giving him a level of experience which few racers can equal.

2004 Offshore Class Club Level
2005 Moved to National Level taking part in the MPBA National Championships
2006 MPBA National Champion Offshore class.
2007 Won the MPBA Hydro Class

2008 OMRA D Class Champion
2009 OMRA D Class Champion
2010 OMRA D Class Champion

After running various hull and engines Tony now builds his own hulls and focuses on tuning engines for others.

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