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Zenoah and RCMK Engines, oil, cooling products, fuel line, engine spares, spark plugs etc. If you can't see what you need, please contact us as we have probably got some in stock or can source it for you at competitive prices.

Zenoah and RCMK Engines

We can supply these engines brand new at competitive prices. You can order either in standard tune or with one of our tuning profiles applied.  As we prefer to take a personal approach with our customers, please contact us to discuss what you need.

Tygon Fuel Line
Large bore 3.75/metre
Medium Bore 3.50/metre

Perfect for gas-boat installations and does not degrade when used with this fuel.  Yes, we know it's expensive, but it's the best and we know you will find our prices very competitive! Available in either standard or large bore.

Get in touch now with how much you need. You can contact us here.


Hi-Flow Cooling Pipe 2.50/metre
Standard cooling pipe 2.00/metre

Hi capacity, large bore cooling tubing which does not crack or harden. We use it on all of our own boats and find it does the job perfectly.  Sold by the metre.

Get in touch now with how much you need. You can contact us here.

NGK Spark Plug CMR7/CMR8
5.65 ea

The most reliable and performance-related standard plug to use for racing.CMR7 runs slightly hotter for use on colder days or for sea races.

Please contact us to order.

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