Big Tee Racing - Intellectual Property

It has been known for some individuals to copy products designed and produced by others in order to produce facsimiles of the originals themselves.  This is often done without the originators permission.  When this happens, the law may have been broken, especially if the individuals have copied the originators works deliberately or for their own gain.  Additionally, the originator of the original work, design or product may lose income as a result of the copy or copies having been made. The originator of the work, design or product may be able to sue those responsible for copying their intellectual property without permission for extensive damages.

Mr T Gilder of Big Tee Racing asserts his right as intellectual property owner of the Pacer range of hulls, having originated these products personally.  He also asserts his rights for the Phase 2 design as this right and the original moulds were purchased from Mr Steve Whenham.

Design Rights Statement

All Big Tee Racing hull designs are protected under the Designs, Patents and Copyright Act 1988, Designs Rights, and European Unregistered Community Design.

The designs, products and all other intellectual property produced by Mr T Gilder and Big Tee Racing may not be copied or reproduced in any way without prior written permission from Mr T Gilder or unless a licensing agreement has been entered into.

Any persons infringing Mr T Gilder's intellectual property rights by reproducing without permission any products designed and produced by him and/or Big Tee Racing, may expect be met with litigation prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.




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