At Big Tee Racing we manufacture a range of unique hulls specifically designed for the most demanding racing in offshore and circuit environments.  We employ the same technology as found in Formula 1 racing;  using only the best materials such as carbon-fibre and carbon-kevlar. Construction methods such as epoxy resin infusion help take our hulls to another level.

Not to be confused with cheaper offshore hulls available elsewhere which are built down to a budget, our entire range of Pacer hulls is built up to the highest standard - one which we have reached as a result of extensive testing under the most demanding offshore race conditions.

Meet our


For the last few years BTR have been supplying Pacer Hulls to participants in the BOMBA Offshore Racing series in Bermuda. Recently, the folks out there sadly lost a founder member of their Association, Leo Fox. So as a mark of respect and to support the BOMBA family, Big Tee Racing contributed to the Memorial Event by sponsoring the Trophy. Here are a few pics from the day.

Big Tee Racing looks forward to continuing to support the BOMBA series

Big Tee Racing Pacer Hulls

2017 will see the launch of yet another brand new model of Pacer which means that there will be a Pacer to suit all styles of RC Powerboating and budgets, We have also a  comprehensive range of construction options, giving you the flexibility to choose the hull which best suits your needs, whether you are a leisure boater or a full-on racer at international level.

Click on a link to see our exciting range.  As usual, we are still working on new products and designs....

The Pacer R-75S is the all-new large hull from Big Tee Racing and represents the ultimate in race-developed hull technology. Featuring a fully stepped bottom and unique lid closure, the hull has excellent sea-keeping abilities and is phenomenally stable. Come back soon for more details!

BTR 388 Skater catamaran

Currently in development, this is our homage and interpretation of the 388 Skater Cat

Watch this space for more news on these exciting new race hulls!!!

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